Welcome to Real Life, we're so glad you found us! 

We're a Church of Misfits

We have been labeled the Church of Misfits, and that's what we embrace. We are the church of second and third chances.  A church where you can feel comfortable in blue jeans and trucker hats, or your straight from work clothes.

A non-judgmental atmosphere coupled with Christ centered love and healing.


Whether you are looking for answers to life's questions, looking for a church home, or are in need of people who will help you in your relationship with God, come worship with us!


At Real Life, our vision is Simple. "Doing Life Together." 

We take Real Life seriously.  There are no games, or hoops to jump through.  Just fulfilling God's command of loving Him, and loving each other. We believe in authentic living, and dynamic life-giving relationships.

So come as you are! We look forward to seeing you!